Nexus models list

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Nexus models list

Nexus comes with the best Google apps pre-installed, so it's ready to use right out of the box. And with Google Play Store you can access your favorite digital entertainment. Choose from millions of apps, books, songs, movies, and games. Rear: Project Fi is a program to deliver a fast, easy wireless experience in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers and our users.

nexus models list

Now available on Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. Nexus 6P Nexus 5X. The ultimate Android experience. Nexus 5X The all-around champ is back Learn More. Always fresh, best in mobile. From the folks who built Android.

Nexus Camera: Powerful and captures more light Learn More. Nexus Imprint: Simplified security Learn More. Always new. Now running Marshmallow. Get all the sweet details.

Everything you love about Google, baked right in Nexus comes with the best Google apps pre-installed, so it's ready to use right out of the box. Nexus 6P Elegantly designed, pure android Learn More.

Compare Nexus phones Select at least two Nexus phones to compare. Project Fi: A new way to say hello Project Fi is a program to deliver a fast, easy wireless experience in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers and our users. Learn More.

Size and weight may vary by manufacturing process. Final resolution of the images may be less than These devices will receive Android version updates for at least two years from when the device first became available on the Google Store. For more details — visit our Help Center. Select a retailer. Dimensions Screen 5. Camera Rear: 8MP; 1.

Camera Rear: Camera Rear: 13MP; 1. Power mAh Battery Turbo Charger.With an extensive line of quiet and reliable motorized solutions, Nexus 21 is the world leader in TV lifts. Our precision-engineered, motorized systems are made to last.

Every Nexus 21 TV lift is designed with both professionals and homeowners in mind, to provide the most comprehensive, innovative solutions available. All of this, combined with industry leading customer service and virtually no lead time on orders, make us the 1 choice for professionals across the world.

All Rights Reserved. Home Jim Christian T View Gallery. Nexus Where Design Meets Function From living rooms to bedrooms and outdoor applications, experience the Nexus 21 aesthetic. The Nexus 21 Advantage Our precision-engineered, motorized systems are made to last. Learn More. Nexus 21 delivers on popular demand once again with a new, highly requested ceiling TV lift, as well as IP control for the entire product lineup.

nexus models list

The all-new Model Lix […] Read more Nexus 21, a leading manufacturer in motion-based technology solutions, challenges the precedent of motorized products with the debut of the Apex Motorized TV Wall Mount. The articulating mount calls on […] ISE New from Nexus The latest innovations from Nexus 21 will be at Stand 1-N80 at ISE ; from projection to a revolutionary new wall mount, our line of motorized solutions is more vast […] Early this year, we brought you the Eclipse Series E — the first projector lift of its kind, precision-engineered the Nexus way.

We only travel in one direction — forward. Find Us On:.The Cisco Nexus series switches are modular and fixed port network switches designed for the data center.

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Cisco Systems introduced the Nexus Series of switches on January 28, Beside the Nexus there are also other models in the Nexus range. This platform is optimized for high-density 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The Nexus is the high-end model in the Nexus range of datacenter switches.

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Other models are: [1]. The v is a virtual switch for use in virtual environments including both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V [2] It is as such not a physical box but a software application that interacts with the hypervisor so you can virtualize the networking environment and be able to configure your system as if all virtual servers have connections to a physical switch and include the capabilities that a switch offers such as multiple VLANs per virtual interface, layer-3 options, security features etc.

Therefore Nexus v can no longer be used.

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For organisations where there is a very strict boundary between network management and server management, network administrators can avoid the dependency on the VSM running as virtual machine within the ESX cluster.

The Nexus series are fabric extenders FEX : 'top of rack' 1 U high system that can be used in combination with higher end Nexus switches like theor series: the series is not a 'stand-alone' switch but needs to be connected to a parent and should be seen as a 'module' or 'remote line card' but then installed in a 19" rack instead of in a main switch-enclosure.

The series consists of 4 different models. October [6]. The model is currently the only Nexus switch in the series utilizing merchant silicon. The switch-fabric can switch 2. The switch is capable of building a route-table with up to prefixes, host-entries and multicast routes and up to VLANs are supported.

nexus models list

On top of that a high number of ingress or egress ACLs can be configured. The has a single fan tray, two replaceable power-supplies on board and two separate out of band management interfaces. And this blade-switch also has a serial console cable for direct access to the CLI [13] At present only switches for the IBM blade systems are available. When the Nexus series were announced in it was expected that there would be Nexus series for IBM and Dell and not HP [14] but in February it became clear that Cisco canceled the Nexus d for the Dell Me [8] For the HP blade system Cisco released a Fabric Extender, which compares with the Nexus top of rack devices, but then in a blade-form factor.

They can be used with the above-mentioned Nexus series fabric extender. The series offer carrier-grade layer2 and layer3 switching as well as the mentioned FCoE capabilities [15].

The Cisco Nexus range contains two models, the model and the model. Both models support either front to back or back to front airflow and they do support Fibre Channel over Ethernet in combination with a 'full' FCoE switch e.

System speed is wire-speed at layer2 and 1. The 2nd model in the Nexus series is a modular chassis, 4 Rack units high.For our readers convenience we have made available for free download over 90 different datasheets in our Cisco Data Center download section. The Cisco Nexus Family of products has become extremely popular in small and large data centers thanks to their capability for unifying storage, data and networking services.

Thanks to the Cisco Fabric Interconnect they are able not only to support all these services but also provide a rock-solid programmable platform that fully supports any virtualized environment. The Cisco Nexus family includes a generous number of different Nexus models to meet the demands of any Data Center environment. They can provide an end-to-end data center architecture on a single platform, including data center core, aggregation, and access layer.

The N7k series provides high-density 10, 40, and Gigabit Ethernetinterfaces. The Nexus series consists of the and series switches, the latter being an updated series to the original series.

Comparison of Google Nexus tablets

The Nexus series offers higher bandwidth per slot 1. Download complete data sheets: Nexus series or Nexus series. This product line is ideal for the DC access layer End of Rowproviding architectural support for virtualization and Unified Fabric environments.

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The default system software includes most Cisco Nexus Platform features, such as Layer 2 security and management features. The Nexus series switches are available in two platforms: 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps.

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Full comparison of all available models can be found here: www. The Cisco Nexus platform offers more than 15 models to satisfy all the switching needs an organization might have. Environments sensitive to delays will surely benefit from this series as they have been designed to practically eliminate any switching latency while at the same time offering large buffer spaces per port.

Some models also have the ability to monitor their latency. Download complete data sheets: Nexus series. These integrate into existing data center networking infrastructures as well as the Cisco ACI setup. The Cisco Nexus Series N2k utilizes FEX technology to provide flexible data center deployment models and to meet the growing server demands. This series is a flexible and low cost solution to add access and server ports to a data center.

With FEX technology deployed, all the configuration and management is performed on the parent switch. Download complete data sheets: Nexus v series. This series offers director-class platforms and Fabric switches. Download complete data sheets: MDS series. The Cisco NX-OS Software is a data center-class operating system that is built with modularity, resilience, and serviceability as its foundation.Industry-leading security and visibility with streaming telemetry, advance analytics, and line-rate encryption MACsec.

Compare Models

Get comprehensive automation, extensive visibility, and consistent operations for your data center. Capture business and user intents, and translate them into native policy constructs for apps across the cloud.

nexus models list

Cisco offers a broad range of data center software subscription and licensing options to suit the specific needs of your data center. Track your subscriptions through Smart Licensing.

Includes advanced capabilities on top of Networking Essentials. Cisco services help determine IT readiness, simplify operations, and reduce risk through expert guidance and centralized support. Are you a Cisco partner? Looking for a solution from a Cisco partner?

Skip to content Skip to footer. Join us September Register now. Watch video Contact Cisco. Get a call from Sales. Get industry-leading performance with Cloud Scale. Deep visibility and security Industry-leading security and visibility with streaming telemetry, advance analytics, and line-rate encryption MACsec. Upgrade your data center Simplify your data center.

Compare Nexus Series models.

Comparison of Google Nexus tablets

Compare all models View all data sheets. Unlock the full value of your data center. Fabric management Get comprehensive automation, extensive visibility, and consistent operations for your data center. Multicloud networking Capture business and user intents, and translate them into native policy constructs for apps across the cloud. Networking software subscriptions. Networking Essentials For single data centers. View subscriptions View licensing guide. Improve results with our services.

Services for data center Nexus Series services. Blogs More bandwidth, more features: Cisco unveils G switching done right The next frontier for cloud networking: G done right Transforming your digital business. Cisco Nexus: G done right G done right: cutting-edge Nexus innovation continues. Deployment guides Cisco Nexus Series G deployment guide.

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Licensing guide View licensing guide Support documentation and software. Support Cisco Nexus Series switches Support documentation and software. Videos Build a secure, scalable, flexible data center with Cisco Nexus What is…?

A data center?The following is a comparative list of smartphones belonging to the Google Nexus line of devices, using the Android operating system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. July 19, Retrieved January 14, The Verge. May 24, June 8, Archived from the original on June 8, October 29, Retrieved September 9, September 16, Retrieved November 1, Retrieved February 20, Retrieved October 6, February 15, Archived from the original on April 19, Retrieved July 1, November 17, Retrieved December 15, Retrieved December 1, Retrieved November 21, February 11, Retrieved May 27, Simplify management.

Increase network visibility. Improve monitoring. The Series offers low-latency, highly programmable, high-density switches. These compact fixed switches are excellent for general-purpose deployments, high-performance computing HPChigh-frequency trading HFTmassively scalable data center MSDCand cloud networks.

The series is designed for top-of-rack deployments. It offers 24 to ports, high performance, and comprehensive features. Use Cisco Nexus Data Broker for visibility and monitoring. DevOps automation tools Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc.

NX-API offers a common programming approach across switches. Python scripts, Bash shell, and Linux containers support customer applications. Cisco bidirectional support simplifies migration to 40 Gigabit Ethernet. Switches use redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fan modules. Shared buffer space handles microbursts, regular data traffic flow, and jitter for increased network efficiency.

Are you a Cisco partner? Looking for a solution from a Cisco partner? Skip to content Skip to footer. Get top-of-rack, Layer 2 and 3 switching Simplify management. Watch video Contact Cisco. Get a call from Sales. Compare Nexus Series models. Compare models.

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches

Features and benefits. For my upgrade, I need…. To enhance top-of-rack ToR agility A full stack subscription A modular-based solution Proactive operations and automation. Six keys to upgrading. Data sheets and literature Data sheets End-of-life and end-of-sale notices Presentations Six keys to upgrading your data center When to buy ToR White papers. For partners Are you a Cisco partner?


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